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Downloading browser Opera 11.60, you receive the modern, reliable and stable browser. Developers imported set of changes and additions to the last version of the browser that net surfing the Internet 11.60 became even more comfortable, more safe and more interesting to users Opera.
In a new Opera there is a row of absolutely new possibilities and functions. So, the address line of the browser has been refined at the expense of other helps for search. That unconditionally helps you to find the sites necessary to you much faster. The new functional found also a star tag in an address line. Now it is enough to user to make one cliques on it and it сазу gets to the express train the panel or in the menu for bookmark adding.
As Opera 11.60, received code a title "Tuna", found a new engine for data handling (Opera Presto 2.10). That allowed it more effectively and quickly to process the data of the modern html-standards. The new kernel allowed Opera 11.60 as to refine stability of operation at the expense of the raised compatibility of a new kernel with web pages.
Those who downloads Opera 11.60, receive as also the new design of the built in mail client processed completely. The interface of the mail client became more simple, clear. Will work in it with your mail is much easier and faster, than earlier.
The developer errors have been corrected also by the browser operation, found earlier. Influencing as on the full break Opera 11.60, and its incorrect operation. Did not remain without attention and a row "holes" from safety of the browser. It has been corrected five "holes" safety.
Old versions: